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Surfing Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Our surf school is located at the "Playa Encuentro" only about 10 min from our Hotel.

The school offers a surfpool of 80 different epoxy and fiberglass boards for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers; we have a surfboard for any skill level

We also offer individual surfboard rentals and surfing lessons at the rates below, including free ride on our daily surf shuttle

Our Surfing lessons go 3 times per day and are open to male and females of all ages.
We also offer private and childs lessons, please contact us for our specials.
Our student/teacher ratio is max 3 students: 1 teacher

You can take the complete course in a raw or you can spread it over your entire vacation. Every Surfing lesson includes board rental, rash guards, surf boots, 30 min theory and 2 hours of actual practice.

After each morning lesson and in the afternoon, our students have the chance to take part of our supervised surfing practice to go out on there own in an safe and supervised environment
Most of our students manage to stand up and surf there first wave during their first lesson

Playa Encuentro - one of the most famous reef-breaks of the North-Coast - is located only 10 minutes from the Surf Camp.
The North swell of the Dominican Republic is Atlantic ocean. Wintertime we get North swell and summertime EAST and N/E Swell.
Enjoy surfing in warm water and safe conditions.

Enjoy surfing in warm water and safe conditions.

Our lessons

Beginner Lessons

Day 1

  • Land and ocean knowledge
  • Practice on simulator to learn position, paddling, and take off
  • Learn to ride the white water. Go with teacher in the water using a larger beginner board and practice positioning, paddling, takeoff and surf

Day 2

  • Learn how to evaluate the wave conditions. We will discuss wave size, direction, and second periods
  • Practice on the board simulator. Learn to take off and turn in frontside
  • Go in the water and practice
  • Surf, surf, surf


Day 3

  • Ocean knowledge
  • Go in the water with 7.2 malibu board
  • Learn to sit on the line up selection of waves
  • Learn the rules of riding

Advanced Lessons

If you want even further surf instruction we offer individual lessons. We can help you fine tune your surf skills and give you experienced advice and tips. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and give you detailed feedback. You can learn how to duckdive, floaters, or learn some radical maneuvers.

Some of the other top spots:

  • Playa Caleton: 45 min from here, small and very nice, romantic Caribbean, crystal blue water, fish specials, lobster and typical fresh Surfer-Cocktails........

  • Playa Grande: the most famous, around 1 hour drive, beautiful bay, big beach, nice water and waves, fresh fish.

  • Playa Preciosa: 2 min from Playa Grande,
    You have to see the beautiful Caribbean nature at it´s best !


For our Panorama Gallery and Full-Screen versions CLICK HERE!

Surfing in the Caribbean

Surf lessons
incl. daily transfer, surf board, leash, lycra, wax



1 surf lesson

22.00 €

3 day kitecourse

70.00 €

5 day surf course

115.00 €

1 week surf course
150.00 €

Surf board rental
incl. daily transfer, leash, lycra, wax



1 day

7-20 .00 €

Interested? Just send us an email!

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