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Kitesurfing Kite Camp Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete has become the Kitesurfcapital of the Caribbean, because of the perfect conditions. We have waves, flatwater, strong wind and light wind.
Basically all conditions a kitesurfer could wish for.

Our Kite Center is located on beautiful Cabarete Bay means we look out onto golden sand beaches, turquoise ocean waters, and a sunny, blue sky each day. The kite school is only couple minutes walking distance away from the kite camp and just a few meters from the water, on the border between windsurfing and kitearea just blow up your kite go 100m more downwind on the beach and fly away.

We offer to you latest EH bowkites and boards for any level of kitesurfing and type of kitesurfing conditions. The kitecenter is equipped with bathrooms where you can change, a freshwater shower for after kiting, and a place to hang your harness or other items after a day on the water.

Conditions in Cabarete Bay are ideal for any level of kitesurfer..

Cabarete Bay is situated so that the Trade Winds blow from the northeast, meaning you get excellent side shore winds from the right. Good wind for kitesurfing starts around noon, ranging from 4 6 Beaufort and provide the ideal conditions for beginners, intermediate to expert level kiters. You can generally pick your kiting conditions as well. An outside reef, approximately 800m from shore, protects the bay, leaving the swell inside relatively flat, perfect to learn kitesurfing in Cabarete. When there is big swell, the reef and outside reef areas can provide waves of up to 3 meters in height reef for the more experienced kitesurfers.

Our kiteboarding school is a school with a reputation for it's open and friendly atmosphere. We teach all levels of kiters from complete beginners to pros.

If you are interested in taking lessons or have any other questions about kitesurfing just send us an email

View to the Cabarete bay from the ocean

kiteboardinf at cabarete bay View to the Cabarete bay from the beach

kite camp kite school in cabarete
Kite camp kite school in Cabarete

bar and chill place at the kite school Chill place and bar at out kite school

Summer kite specials!
from 15 th of July until 15th of October
$ 199 US
6 hours kitecourse

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Kitesurfing rates

Standard Lessons & Kite Courses
For beginners, intermediate and advanced



(price per person)

3hrs starter kitecourse, IKO level 1 incl. equipment, certification, insurance


$ 120 US

3 day kitecourse

6 hours

$ 240 US

5 day professional kitecourse

10 hours

$ 399 US

One Week  Kite Course
5 day, 10 hrs Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment Use
7 days
$ 499 US
10 day Kite Course
5day,10 hrs Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment Use
10 days
$ 666 US

kitebparding beginner lesson in cabarete Kiteboarding lesson for beginner

kiteboarding lesson, body drugging Kitesurfing lesson, water start

kite equipment to rent our student is prepairing for kitesurfing lesson
  antonio and one of our student after kitelesson, happy student and antonio ( kite instructor)


Equipment Rental




Supervised Equipment Rental

1 day

$ 60 US

Supervised Equipment Rental

1 week ( 7 days)

$ 299 US

Supervised Equipment Rental
2 weeks (14 days)
$ 565 US

kiteequipment to rent
Kitesurfing in Cabarete


supervised kite equipment rental
Kite beach, Cabarete

All students recieve an IKO Kite Boarders Card to certify their level of Kite Boarding.

kitesurfing in cabarete   kiteboarding at kitecamp kite school

Depending on the conditions we offer Downwind trips to El Encuentro starting from la Bocca, which is a rivermouth in the east of Cabarete. In this place you can find completely flat water.

Windsurfing lesson and equipment are available

downwind trips from la boca to encuentro Downwind trips from the river la Boca   windsurfing lessons and equipment Windsurfing lessons in Cabarete


For the actual wind conditions check out the

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Cabarete Kitecamp
Office hours (Eastern time USA): Monday - Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
Öffnungszeiten für die meisten europaeischen Staaten (auch Deutschland): Montag- Samstag, 14:00- 23.00
001-829-548-6655 , Email:,
Skype: cabaretesurfcamp

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